Non-Fiction books by Philip Whiteley

Radical Shift - Philip Whiteley New Normal Radical Shift (Gower 2013, with Neela Bettridge)

This major work analyses the weaknesses of the business model that contributed to recent corporate and economic collapses. It challenges the belief that employees’ interests always conflict with those of managers and business owners. The authors present the evidence for a ’new normal’ of enhanced working lives, environmental protection and business success.

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Meet the new Boss - Philip WhiteleyMeet the New Boss (self-published 2013, e-book 2009)

The assumption that work is nothing more than wage slavery, and that making it so is the way to boost profits, is mistaken. Meet the New Boss explores the formation of a cultural myth in the songs we hear, the books we’ve read and the sitcoms we’ve watched – from A Christmas Carol to The Office. The e-version was shortlisted for the 2010/11 CMI Management Book of the Year Award.

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The Global You - Philip WhiteleyThe Global You (Marshall Cavendish 2011, with Susan Bloch)

Millions of people are now global business workers of some kind. This book provides ten practical ways to enable international workers to think, behave and operate in a multicultural context. There is a particular emphasis on honing your communications skills.

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How to Manage in a Flat World - Philip WhiteleyHow to Manage in a Flat World (FT Pearson 2007, with Susan Bloch)

Businesses today are often stretched across different locations and different time zones, and increasingly communicate online rather than face-to-face. How to Manage in a Flat World gives today’s managers and team workers advice on how to communicate, manage and motivate in the flattened company and how to operate effectively in the flat world.

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Complete Leadershi - Philip WhiteleyComplete Leadership (FT Pearson 2003, with Susan Bloch)

Great leadership isn’t formulaic, nor is it easy, but it is learnable. This book helps you assess your current leadership abilities, across a whole range of skills – and then shows you how to improve them. With a Foreword by Daniel Goleman.

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Unshrink the People - Philip WhiteleyUnshrink the People (FT Pearson, with Max Mckeown)

Unshrink is the book that exposes the deep-seated myths that keep people and businesses from fulfilling their potential and replaces them with a set of principles that make us better people and make businesses more profitable.

“Interdependence is ten times more challenging than independence, but it is the only viable long-term solution for effectiveness in our relationships at work and at home. This is brilliantly illustrated in Unshrink.” – Dr Stephen Covey, author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

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Note: Philip was author of two titles in the 2001 ‘Management Express’ library of books published by Wiley, that are no longer in print: Motivation, and People Express.