As an author of fiction and non-fiction, Philip is fascinated by the stories that we tell ourselves, both at home and at work. We try to make sense of ourselves, and our roles – as worker or manager or family member – based on these narratives. In his non-fiction, for the past 20 years he has specialized in leadership, organizational culture and employee engagement. He has challenged the traditional way in which business management has been taught, with people treated as an inanimate ‘resource’ – for example in an article in the London Business School Review in 2017, co-authored with Dr Jules Goddard – and welcomes the maturing of business education, with organizations increasingly being understood as ecosystems. Since the publication of New Normal Radical Shift in 2013, his work has also covered wider issues of business ethics and sustainability.

His novels, for which he is starting to receive top-level critical acclaim, depict people in every-day situations, where the narratives they tell themselves just don’t work for them anymore. Philip’s third novel, A Love of Two Halves, was published by Unbound in October 2019. Several readers on the PJ Whiteley Facebook author page have declared that they “absolutely love” the book, and the average rating on Amazon and Waterstones is 4 stars, after more than 50 reviews. He is in discussions with a TV production company about a potential dramatization of the book, and other script ideas.

You can buy A Love of Two Halves, on this Amazon link. Or from Waterstones, on this link. He writes fiction under the name PJ Whiteley.

Photo: Mark Wheelwright,